We encourage you to start your thinking about a possible QEP topic by considering the work that you and your colleagues are doing with our students–and perhaps discuss some of these questions:

  • What areas of student learning and achievement do you believe need to be strengthened or given more focused support?
  • Are there specific student constituencies whose learning can be be enhanced by a specific kind of academic program or experience?
  • What areas of student learning should we initiate or expand or create to better meet the needs of our students?
  • Are there interdisciplinary or collaborative (faculty-staff-student) academic programs we should develop that will enhance student learning?
  • What areas of study or instructional requirements do we have now that need a more substantive development and assessment plan, one that we can use to enhance the student’s learning and academic experience?
  • What courses of study can be reconsidered,¬† revised, or restructured to enhance the student’s learning and mastery?
  • What innovative or new pedagogies¬† have been developed and are successfully advancing student learning that could be further explored, enhanced, developed, or implemented?

These are just a few general ways to frame your discussions.  In addition, you may want to consider the following resources:

UMW Strategic Plan

SACS guidelines for the QEP and other QEP resources

Institutional assessment, research, academic program reviews, SCHEV competency testing, and other data available from the Office of Institutional Analysis and Effectiveness

Other institutional QEPs, including those for other institutions in the Commonwealth of Virginia, those for SACS COPLAC schools, those for other high quality liberal arts institutions, etc. Executive summaries of many of these are available on the SACS website resources page (scroll to the bottom of the page for a list from 2004-2009) and many of the full plans can be found on the different institutional websites.

You are also encouraged to contact any member of the Planning Group if you have questions.

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