QEP FINAL TOPIC: Understanding and Enhancing the First-Year Experience. Go here for all further developments and Updates on the UMW QEP.

In the first phase of our QEP process, we collected ideas from the UMW community for possible QEP topics. The QEP Planning Committee received 70 submissions from faculty, staff, and students.  The deadline to submit a topic idea was October 1. The committee reviewed all of the topic ideas and developed a broad-based set of topic “themes” or areas that came out of the ideas submitted as well as other resources on student learning at UMW. The QEP topic themes or areas that emerged from the topic ideas submission process were:

  • Enhancing the first-year experience and first-year student engagement.
  • Increasing experiential and other student-centered learning opportunities and/or pedagogies.
  • University-wide curriculum restructuring to enhance student learning.
  •  Increasing information fluency, digital fluency, or communication fluency.
  • New interdisciplinary majors or new across-the curriculum academic initiatives that enhance student learning and engagement.
  • Increased academic support and special academic programs to enhance student learning and engagement for a significant student cohort.

Faculty, staff, and students were then encouraged to submit short proposals in one or more of these areas. There were 16 short proposals submitted. In December, the QEP Planning and Review Committee  selected  three short proposal areas for further development.  The three QEP topic areas chosen for further development were:

  • Enhancing student learning through an integrated first-year experience;
  • Enhancing student learning by increasing information fluency, digital fluency, and  communication fluency;
  • Enhancing high impact student learning through the use of performance assessment.

The groups of faculty, staff, and students worked on their proposals in the three areas above. On March 21, the three final proposals were circulated and posted for UMW community comment and input.

In April, the final QEP Topic, Understanding and Enhancing our First Year Experience was chosen by the president and provost as the UMW QEP topic and a committee was  selected to develop that topic into a full QEP proposal for submission to SACS; the other two proposals will also receive some level of funding and implementation. For more information about the further development of our QEP go to the QEP Project Development site.

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