• QEP requirements and process initially introduced to the campus by Provost’s Office
  • QEP Planning Group established by Provost; charge is to plan and implement the process for determining the topic of the QEP, and submit recommendations for the QEP topic to the Provost and President by spring 2011



  • Chair of Planning Group attends SACS QEP conference
  • Planning Group meets: reviews SACS guidelines and expectations for QEP; develops process and criteria for topic selection; reviews QEPs developed at other schools including recommended practices, other institutional approaches; develops plans to “roll out” the QEP process in the fall; creates QEP website

FALL 2010

August – September

  • President and Provost announce QEP process, Opening Faculty Meeting, August 19
  • QEP website launched
  • QEP topic selection/submission process outlined; overall criteria for selecting the QEP published
  • Meetings and activities across the University to provide information, resources, and ideas about possible QEP topic areas
  • QEP topic ideas and possible areas submitted to the Planning Group up through the end of September


  • October 1, Deadline to submit QEP topic ideas or areas
  • October 1-18, the Planning Group reviews all topic ideas based on the submitted topics/areas as well as institutional assessment and other data
  • October 18, the Planning group announces and publishes a list of topic areas or “themes” for short, 3 page proposals; the Planning group will also contact and bring together individuals and groups who submitted similar topic areas and encourage them to form collaborative teams


  • November 22, deadline to submit all QEP short  proposals based on the topic/theme areas.
  • November 22-December 6, short proposals will be reviewed by the planning group and if needed, groups will be contacted for more information.
  • December 6-10, Planning and Review Committee will consider all the short proposal submissions and select three for further/final development
  • December 10, the three “finalist” groups are notified and announced; finalists given the guidelines for their full proposals
All three finalist proposals will  receive funding–one as the UMW QEP and the other two at lesser amounts



  • March 21, deadline to submit the final  three QEP proposals to the Planning and Review Committee
  • March 21 final three proposals will be posted and the UMW community encouraged to submit comments to the Planning and Review Committee; input and opinion also gathered from specific campus groups and constituencies
  • April 11, deadline for UMW community to submit comments on the proposals to the committee
  • April 15, Planning and Review Committee makes recommendations on the final three QEP proposals to the Provost and President


  • QEP topic announced by President to entire UMW community


FALL 2011


  • Initial QEP Draft circulated throughout the University; reaction and input solicited


  • Revised QEP Draft completed and shared with BOV at summer retreat

FALL 2012

  • Revised QEP Draft presented to UMW community; additional opportunities for input provided
  • Final QEP formally endorsed by governance groups and institutional constituencies (eg Student Senate, University Faculty Council, faculty groups, BOV, etc.)
  • UMW recommends names of three “content experts” to evaluate the QEP report (SACS selects one of the three by December)




  • UMW QEP submitted to SACS


  • On-site peer review; visiting team evaluates the QEP

FALL 2013


  • Reaffirmation and SACS decision on QEP (by December)



  • Begin implementation of UMW QEP


  • Five-Year Interim Report to SACS includes an evaluation of the UMW QEP

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