The QEP planning process has five different planning phases: QEP Topic Selection; Development of the full QEP; Submission of the QEP to SACS and SACS Approval; Implementation of the QEP; Five-Year Interim Review.

QEP Topic Selection. The topic selection phase started in June 2010 and ran through academic year 2010-2011. Led by the QEP Planning Group, the entire UMW community was encouraged to discuss and submit ideas for the QEP topic.  The Planning Group, based on those topic submissions as well as other assessment and institutional data,  developed a group of topic areas or themes to guide the submission of short, three page proposals. These shorter proposals were submitted by both individuals and groups in the UMW community. Three of these proposals were chosen for further development. UMW will fund all three final proposals, one as the QEP and the two others at lesser amounts. The three final proposals were circulated and posted on March 21. In April 2011, the final topic was chosen by the President and Provost.  

Development of the Full QEP. After the topic was selected, a QEP implementation team was  put together in the summer of 2011. This group will lead the full development of our specific QEP and will write the plan for submission to SACS. The QEP document is an extensive one and provides a detailed account of our plan, explains specific learning outcomes and how they will be achieved and measured, draws clearly from assessment data, offers a comprehensive five-year budget and other resource commitments, as well as other required elements. As the QEP team is developing the plan, they will seek help and input from many areas of the university community and when the plan is fully drafted, they will obtain institutional feedback on it. The plan should be institutionally approved sometime in December 2012.

Submission of the QEP to SACS: When UMW has approved its QEP, we will submit the plan to SACS, early in January 2013. The SACS site visit team will review the plan and when they make their site visit in the spring, assuming there are no issues with our Compliance Certification Report, their focus will be on determining the quality, feasibility, and institutional commitment to our QEP. SACS will notify us about its approval of our QEP in the fall of 2013. Approval of our QEP is one of the requirements for our SACS reaffirmation.

Implementation of the QEP. Once SACS approves, UMW will start the implementation of our QEP. This will run at least through 2014, although depending on the nature of our QEP, like many institutions, we might find that we have fully integrated its activity into our on-going instructional program.

Five-Year Interim Review. Our SACS Five-Year Interim review includes an assessment and evaluation of our QEP. The Five-Year Interim Report is another requirement of our on-going reaffirmation of accreditation from SACS and must provide evidence that we are successfully implementing our QEP.

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