An integrated first-year experience is one of the three final QEP topic proposals. Click here to download the proposal. For all three proposals go to the Final Proposals page of this website. Please review each of the three proposals and send us your comments and recommendations.

We ask that you give primary consideration to the specific topic area being proposed and what you believe are the value and importance of the areas of student learning that this proposal will promote and enhance. Do not get too far into the details right now–all three proposals have areas that are incomplete—areas where more data analysis may be needed, where program issues need to be resolved, where resources need to be identified and budgets and comprehensive assessment plans must be developed. Regardless of the topic chosen, all of those things and many more details will need to be addressed in our final QEP submission to SACS.

We recommend that you consider each proposal by asking yourself these questions:

1. Which topic area do you think will best meet the educational needs of our students?

2. Which topic area will best support our core educational mission and will advance the university in its stated goals of achieving excellence as a liberal arts institution?

3. What do you think are the positives and negatives of each topic idea and overall proposed plans?

4. For the one you believe should be our final QEP topic, what areas/issues do you think need to be addressed as that idea/proposal goes forward—what recommendations do have for improving or developing that idea if it is chosen?

In addition to these questions, the QEP Planning and Review Committee will be considering the following:

  • Rationale for the topic grows out of and is supported by data from UMW institutional effectiveness efforts or other institutional sources.
  • Project will clearly advance the university mission and the UMW Strategic Plan.
  • Proposal describes a direct connection to student learning outcomes, learning outcomes that have depth and importance and can be measured and assessed.
  • Project affects a well-defined and generally large or significant cohort of students.
  • Project builds on an existing UMW strength or targets a significant area that needs strengthening.
  • If selected as the UMW QEP topic, proposal can be developed to include a substantial, on-going, and viable assessment plan.
  • Proposal receives broad-based input/feedback and support from UMW faculty, students, and staff.

You may provide your feedback on this proposal in three ways: post your comments below –they will be public; follow this link to send your comments directly to the committee anonymously; or email your comments directly to the chair or any member of the planning committee.

All comments must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday, April 11. The QEP Planning and Review Committee will meet to review all of the comments we have received and will then make our recommendations to the president and the provost.

The committee welcomes all feedback.

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