Understanding and Improving the First-Year Experience is the UMW QEP.

Please go to the QEP Project Team website to follow the progress of our QEP development. If you have any questions about the UMW QEP, contact the QEP Team or the Office of the Provost.

A Message from Provost Harper:

“I am pleased to announce that President Rick Hurley and I have selected  “Understanding and Improving the First-Year Experience” as our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) topic. With that decision, the planning process for QEP topic moves to a new stage.  Our next step is the formation of a QEP Project Team that will develop our full QEP proposal and report.  At this time, I am calling for volunteers who would like to work on the QEP project team.  Please let me know if you are interested in serving.

Members of the project team can and will come from all divisions of UMW (all three colleges, student affairs, business and finance, etc.).   I expect to announce a chairperson to lead the project team by the end of the month.  The ultimate aim of the QEP is that we embark on the five-year plan that should result in improved student learning.   This is extremely important work that is an integral part of our SACS reaffirmation.  The final project planning, led by the QEP Project Team, will take place over the next year and a half, culminating in a final report produced in 2012.”

For more information, see the Provost Newsletter, May 2011. If you are interesting in volunteering for the project, contact Provost Harper.

Message from President Hurley

Welcome to the University of Mary Washington’s QEP website. This fall, 2010, we begin the first phase of development and implementation of our Quality Enhancement Plan, part of our preparation for SACS reaffirmation in 2013. The purpose of our QEP is to enhance student learning at UMW and as a liberal arts university, student learning is at the very heart of what we do. UMW’s outstanding faculty, dedicated staff, and talented students work together in a rich and engaging learning environment where we foster student-faculty relationships, promote challenging academic programs, and support the development of each student. Our QEP will draw from and build on this strong commitment to student achievement.

The first phase of developing our QEP is for us to identify the topic for the plan. This website contains detailed information about the topic selection process of the QEP and there will also be regular communication and additional information coming from the QEP planning committee as the academic year progresses.

I strongly encourage everyone in the UMW community—faculty, staff, and students—to submit ideas and recommendations to the planning committee. While this is important to our SACS reaffirmation, more importantly it is a great opportunity for us to develop and implement a significant initiative that will draw from our knowledge, creativity, innovation, and expertise in teaching. This is an opportunity for us to research and talk with each other about what we do well and what we can strengthen, to share our ideas and experience with each other, and to collaborate on a QEP that will enhance our students’ learning, further our mission, and continue to define us as an excellent liberal arts university.

Richard V. Hurley